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H ow I learned to stop worrying and enjoy Oracle installations   I have to hand it to the folks at Oracle, they have made installing 12cR1 just that little more complex, which makes us feel really good when it works! My only gripe is when you don't have a GUI and and X-Term handy, installation for the uninitiated (read: ME) is a tad more complex.  So break out vi or emacs, and let's get started.  I am doing this in a virtual machine, which may, or may not be officially supported.  But it's so much easier while we're learning. 1.  You'll need a response file There's two ways to get one of these.  Unpack the installer, and copy it from database/response or run a GUI install somewhere else and save it off.  The only things you really need to change are the installation points.  Everything else cal remain as-is 2.  If you're doing Linux, it might as well be Oracle Linux Yeah, I am well aware that Oracle Linux is fundamentally RedHat in a different re