Life with Deep Racer - Part 2

 An Update on AWS Deep Racer

OK, so AWS Summit Sydney has been run and won.  Not by us however, but there are few interesting tidbits to report:

The console is now widely available

This is actually pretty big news, because:
  • The console ties together Robomaker, SageMaker and everything else you need in a convenient package
  • There are actual examples of functions included
  • It seems to stay running now

There is new firmware for the car

Also important; this includes a rolling update for the Ubuntu base as well as the Deep Racer specific bits.  WiFi connection seems more reliable now as well.

Our car has a new look

Since my employer (Versent) was generous enough to send me to Re:Invent last year (where I got the Deep Racer), I thought it appropriate to deck it out in the company colours, and it was well-received at Summit last week.


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