Seriously, WHY would you do that? - Part 2

It's here!

Last time, I wrote about my reasons for choosing the HP RX2600 to run OpenVMS.

Having gotten all the manuals, firmware and everything else, I set up the machine according to the instructions from HP, and nothing much happened.  Nothing on the monitor, even though all the docs said it should mirror the console.

Next step, connect a cross-over cable to the Management Processor (MP) serial port, and try again.  This time I get greeted by a login prompt.  The user needs to be "Admin", but I don't know the password...

No biggie, with the power on, hold in the reset button on the MP card and then you will be prompted to enter "p" to reset the accounts.  The manual says Admin (note the capital letter) should have no password, but the prompt on the console said it's "Admin", so that worked.

The Help command is your friend here.  First thing I did was to use the Command Menu (CM) then LC to configure the networking for the Management Processor.  Now my MP is on my network.  One small victory.

Here's a bit of fun, under the Command Menu, enter SO and reset the certificate.  You can find out who used to own your machine.

In my license application, I was given a login to download the binaries to install OpenVMS.  Burning the ISO to a DVD is the first step, but MacOS outsmarted itself and won't burn, because it can't read the image.  Windows didn't care.

I would also suggest you grab the OpenVMS installation guide from HPE.  There's a ton of steps involved, and it's easy to miss things which will bite you later.

Next Time: Installing OpenVMS on IA64


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